Frequently asked Questions.

For now we do not offer installation service, but it is easy to do it by following the instructions.
  1. Installation of a bonnet deflector (shield / guard)
EN: Instructions for installation of deflector (EN) wat–

This scheme for the installation of the deflector comes with the product along with its fastening elements.

2. Installation of wind deflectors
  • Type 1. Double-sided mounting tape (VIP Tuning, Cobra Tuning).
Clean the adhesive surface, peel off the protective paper strip and place it with a carefully and push over it, so that it fits well. After a while, if you notice ripping off, you may need to clean and replace the mounting adhesive tape.
  • Type 2. For the seals of the windows (Auto Plex, Heko).
After fitting the wind deflecyor in the seal, the V-shaped brackets are placed from the passenger compartment and with the sharp upward between the inner part of the gasket and the wind. The glass enters the V-shaped bracket when the window closes.
In Europe and elsewhere (except Bulgaria, Greece, Romania) we send without options "cash on delivery", "check" or "test" before pay. However if we agree with the client and the destination is in CEE where the courier allows this paid option, we could do so too. In Bulgaria we send by Econt Express all over the country with about -16% discount (10% of delivery service and 1% lower deduction from the amount of the cash on delivery). We always include "check and test" options to try it on the vehicle before you pay. For 1 deflector or set of wind deflectors, the price for delivery in Bulgaria comes between 5.60 and 7.50 BGN (from office to office). Note: Note that since the GDPR has entered into force, some Econt offices do not allow the taking out goods for trying them on the vehicle (others only allow it with an accompanying employee) because of the lack of cameras outside. If they do not allow, ask Econt's employee to call us.
For now we only accept:
  1. Cash on delivery for goods sent from us to you by Econt (PMT).
  2. Paysera, PayPal or bank transfer to our bank account or Paysera account.
  3. Paysera.
  1. If available, 1-5 days in Bulgaria, 3-20 days in EU, for the rest of the world - it depends. Shipping abroad varies (we dispatch in 5 workdays period). In Bulgaria we send every Tuesday and Friday by Econt unless asked for an urgent next day delivery. Usually the next day the ordered products are already in the client's office of Econt or at thr destination address (Bulgaria).
  2. If not available - 3-7 weeks.
Since we accept only cash on delivery, PMT, Paysera or bank transfer and they are not made through the website, your money is safe. Your data is encrypted. More about their processing and storage can be found in our Privacy policy and personal data processing.
If available we will just call you and we will usually send you Tuesday or Friday by Econt if no delivery is needed the next day. Next day the car accessories will arrive at your designated office. If not available, we will still contact you to arrange an order.
If you have indicated in the order that you want-yes. Please fill all the invoice data. Please fill in the company details when ordering. It is important to keep the document you will receive from Econt upon payment. Document for the so-called "Postal Money Transfer" (PMT), which will serve as a receipt.
  1. First, please send photos via Viber or via the contact form on the site with the imposed product on the car and a specified defect/problem to solve it.
  2. Keep the packaging in a maximum overall form. Call us. If you return the product, pack it as it was, return to the shipper from the waybill (DEFLECTOR EOOD) and to the office of Econt Sofia Rimska Stena with cash on delivery. We will be able to take it on the days when we send goods at Econt.
If you haven't seen the car accessories you need, please email us from here. We'll check again. We will then notify you of the status of the product and we will sign up to contact you when it is already being produced/is available.