Ветробраните AutoPlex и Heko for Side Doors are factory-made with a thin flange that slots into a car door’s upper window channel. Quality certificate No: ISO 9001. For each Rain Guard, there are 2 metal / plastic V-shaped channel clips / fasteners so that the Vent Visor can be tucked in all the way up the window channel, and snapped snuggly in place. These In-Channel Side Window Deflectors are produced out of fiberglass, specifically cast for your specific make and model vehicle, with a translucent quality. Check more about Installation of Wind Deflectors.
The wind deflectors for external fit stick-on installation are placed by sticking them on with a double-sided mounting adhesive tape. They are easily mounted on the door frame and / or on the window seals or, if no door, on the car body itself. The last is for cars without a window frame, so that you would stick them above the windows as on such cars there are no other possible installation types. They are made of quality semi-translucent plexiglass, specifically cast for your model and are dark in color.
Contact us if you don't find you product and we will answer with the best option we can deliver. Just share all the needed details - make, model, year of production and body type - whether it is sedan, combi, hatchback etc. We can deliver wind deflectors for almost any type of car in the world.
After the order we will contact you to CONFIRM AVAILABILITY OF THE ITEM and the delivery. If the item is not available we will propose you a timeframe to wait for it to become available and get shipped to you or will return you the money if you have already paid.

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